With over twelve years of experience, we are a leader in the professional services market in Grenada and the wider Caribbean.

Take a look at the services we provide below:

  • We prepare financial statements, assist with the write-up of accounts, prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements, review and install accounting systems and internal control systems, prepare unaudited accounts and conduct statutory audits.
  • We conduct comprehensive audits, including operational, systems, management and efficiency reviews, to ensure our clients operate effectively and efficiently in keeping with their vision and mission
  • We assist both individuals and corporations in preparing tax returns such as income tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), annual stamp tax, and other statutory returns.
  • Our expertise includes assisting clients in filing objections and appeals against assessments by the Inland Revenue Department and obtaining refunds from such assessments. We also provide general advice on the mitigation of tax liabilities.
  • Successful organizations must have access to several vital resources. These resources include access to capital, property, plant & equipment, license, human resources, credit, distribution channels, raw materials, reliable energy, and telecommunications supply. Specific resources may be more critical than others depending on their industry, growth cycle stage, and competitive strategy. We can help companies identify these vital resources and structure their organization accordingly.
  • At ABS, we have pioneered the Access Impact Management (AIM) business strategy to aid businesses in improving their value creation strategy.